What month and day were you born on?

I won't post my birthday just yet, because the person with the closest birthday to mine (in days) in the calender year will get "Most Helpful Opinion"(MHO.) If two people tie for the cloest to my birthday, I will use a tie-breaking procedure that I'm keeping a secret (Hint: Be careful how you answer.) But I doubt this will come down to a tie-breaker. If you don't post the month AND day you were born on, you won't get MHO no matter what.

Interesting, not ONE male has answered this question. I really have no idea why.
The MHO had to go to @KhaysunDei, which is unfortunate since he's not even active anymore. He was born on August 16th, I was born on September 7th, which is only a 22 day gap, closer than anyone else on here. @electromagnetic is the runner up, since her birthday is on October 3rd only 26 days away from mine. There was an @Anonymous user who's birthday was October 5th, which was a 28 day gap (she won third place.)

I had my birthday listed in my profile, so anyone could have cheated ;)


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