Have you ever owned a car that you have ended up hating because it was so unreliable?

My sister had a Volkswagen Golf GTI that was very unreiable. It was a nice car but she ended up selling it because she needed a car she could depened on more, a car that was garenteed to start everytime she needed it to. It was costing too much in repairs to. How about you?


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  • I had a Ford Contour. Worst piece of shit I've ever owned.

    It leaked transmission fluid profusely soon after the warranty expired. It's overdrive would come on out of nowhere. Broke down many times. I hated it.


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  • I had an old jeep as my first car. It was cool. I loved it
    Broke down all the time though.
    I learned a lot from it though

    • Yeah I mean a car can be as cool as it wants to be and have as many cool features as anything but if it won't start and get you to where you need to get to the car is useless.

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  • I had a ford escort which wasn't necessarily unreliable. it was just a total piece of shit.