Dreams about having children?

Okay, so I'm 13 and I keep having dreams about falling in love and having children. The first one was that I fell inlove with an amazing man and we had a baby girl called Maison she had curly hair and was stunning. Towards the end of the dream I started to lose everything my husband and my daughter, I woke up with tears on my face. The second one I had today was when I was in the city and I fell in love with a different man and we had three kids the oldest was again Maison the second was another girl named Sierra and a boy named Chad. Does anyone know what this means.

Just to clarify any confusion I was a grown woman in those dreams
Just saying sounds better, so just saying I was a woman in those dreams


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  • You remember the names too? God... congratulations, you got your self a free package of super powers 😂😂
    Lol... since your like 13 better you to talk to a parent if you feel comfortable or I'm just saying its all about hormones... Just eat well and get good sleeps... or just sit back and enjoy your dreams... not everyone sees those types of dreams. So consider your self as a lucky girl :D


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  • if life were like that you wouldn't need a mastercard.

  • Is your father in your life?

    • Yeah why

    • I thought that maybe you want a father figure and kids too for unconditional love that you didn't get.

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  • Maybe you want to have a baby or think about babies a lot.

    • I'm 13 why would I want babies at this age and why would I think about babies in my free time 😂

  • You're gonna get pregnant soon.
    No jk, those are just dreams, they don't always have a deep meaning.