How do I stop OCDing over this?

I was handling my ocd amazingly over the last 3 weeks cause school was on strike but this Wednesday -first day back, this girl i dont like, asked to see my french assignment which was based around my favourite team, the chi-blackhawks. The only time i m comfortable with people knowing the logo to my fav team is if they watch hockey, so they know, if im comfortable with em or if they heard from somewhere else -it s stupid, ik.

I live in toronto, so people who don t watch hockey, usually don t know the team, which is why the hawks are so special to me, because i like knowing that i ve liked the hawks since i was 7 cause they re great, and I wasn t following the mainstream -love the leafs - path.

Now that she has seen the logo, everytime i look at the players, logo or jerseys, i feel distaste cause she saw it and said what the logo is. When I think about the team, my love for the team comes back up but I still can t get the girl i dislike out of my head. I want to stop thinking about her looking at the logo everytime I watch them play. Instead of thinking about that, I want to think of how amazing the team s logo is without my mind travelling to the other thought.

I want to watch the final round, in peace. T-T so how do I get over this. Ik it sounds stupid. :/

i keep telling my self that she forgot so she pretty much doesn't know anything about the team anymore cause she doesn't know their name, their jersey colour and now that she forgot their logo, the team is still a secret from her but it's not working


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  • just consider that if u do... u'll go crazy :|


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  • Talk with a therapist about it and see if they have any helpful strategies?

  • It's not a big deal so don't let it get to you. Just let it go