What should I do help please?

Okay so my friend and I a month ago started hanging out with these guys. We are hanging out with them almost every week. They are three guys and we are really shy and we don't talk much with them. But they still invite us all the time. We want to play truth or dare this weekend with them just so we know each other better because we don't know anything abot each other and we don't want to play with dare so we'll tell them that. I kinda like one of the guys he is really uncommunicative and shy but he certainly talks more than us probably because they really know each other really good and my friend and I are just the new kids with them... okay so when they ask me who do I like what do I do? Should I say that I like nobody or think of a fake crush or tell them that I don't like anyone but tellthe name of the guy I liked previously? I don't want to tell him that I like him because it will be awkward. So which one of these is the best option?


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  • The first one!

  • be honest... if u like nobody, y u should fake it? :)


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  • just tell him!