Why did this guy seem alone?

I was at a party and there was this guy there I used to be close with, he was on his own a lot, or with his mum and some young girl. But it was as though no one wanted to be around him, and he's known as the creep, but rather he wanted to be around people. He also texted me on that day saying 'you're beautiful'.
.. I felt kinda sorry for him.
He lives on his own too.

  • He's lonely and wants a friend
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  • He's a perv
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  • These people are usually very slow at socializing, being called a creep may not mean anything but just the people who call him creep have really bad characters. He also may be grief. You never know... that young girl could be his little sister


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  • Depends on the circumstances, I have a friend who is like that and I've tried to help him build confidence and even tried to hook him up with a girl. It didn't work out.

    During a party though, he was trying to hit on a girl that I was dating at the time. I didn't say anything and she shoved him off and went to me.

    I guess out of jealousy or something about taking his *chance* away, he grabbed a bar stool and slammed me in the back.

    He thought I cock blocked him or something like that. O. o

  • Shy/socially anxious

  • Sounds like the classic person who'd get called a creep while not deserving that label at all. Sad, really.

  • He wants to exploit you for hook ups.


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