Why did my friend ask me for her number?

I was hanging out with my friend and we were talking about who our assigned partners for the bio project was and I said "Katie" and i told him that I texted her to meet me in the school library tomorrow morning so we can work on our project and he was like trying to get me to give him her number because he needed to ask her a question about something. He sees her at school so why doesn't he ask her directly? I gave it to him but do you think he likes her?

  • He likes her
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  • He thinks she's hot
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  • He doesn't like her
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  • Either A or B.

    • Why didn't he just say that..

    • because.. he's shy and private.

    • I had no idea they even knew each other. I thought they were just peers.


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  • He likes her or He thinks she's hot

  • he likes her.

    • Why didn't he say he likes her?

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