Opinion on Asian (Vietnamese) Albino girls?

I am Vietnamese, but I have type 2 albinism. So this means I’m really REALLY pale and have honey-blonde hair. Here’s the thing, I look very Caucasian, so many people assume I’m White- not saying being White is bad, but it’s really annoying since people constantly test me and question me to see if I speek viet etc. I really like k-pop and anime and I am an absolute fangirl, but when people find out I get called a weeaboo or koreaboo, I even got called an “Asian wannabe” once.

So I’m just curious what your first impression would be of me if we met irl. I'm also kinda curious, I've never been in a relationship, so I was wondering what Asian guys in specific think. A majority of the guys at my school are Asians and yeaah >.<

Thankss guise~


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  • Well, to me these people sound very immature (which they probably are, since you are still in high school). Obviously, Albinism is a medical condition and the cause of why you don't look Asian. It's also kind of stupid of people at your school to think you look white/caucasian, because most likely, you don't. Albinos look very unique (I don't mean this in a negative sense) and they're usually easy to spot. Even if you met an Albino in Sweden or Norway you would most likely spot him/her immediately. So obviously, your looks have absolutely nothing to do with your heritage. And I don't think you should even "prove" to people at your school that your Asian. If they don't want to believe you, oh well! Too bad for them. Don't bother so much about what other people think of you. You know for yourself that your Vietnamese and that's good enough. Oh, and it also shouldn't matter that much anyway. Anyone can listen to K-Pop for example. You don't need to be Asian to do that. And let's face it: many of the "Asians" in the US aren't real Asians anyways. Many of them are second generation or they have come to America with their parents when they were very young. They might speak the language of their parents but they are still very different from Asians in Asia. My girlfriend is Korean (born and grown up in South Korea) and I have a Korean-American friend and the two are similar in some things but also very, very different in many things.


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  • I guess it'll depend on your personality as I don't know you