Why is it that I do everything society tells me, yet still can't find a career, still can't get anywhere or experience anything like a normal human?

I am not expecting a handout or anything like that, but it pisses me off that I can't do anything in life because society won't give me a job. I have to keep looking for courses or going back to school, having my parents on my back all my life about going back to school, or taking a different course... talking about workign at costco or somewhere that they hear pays well. I fucking hate this shit. I want to live where I want to live and do something that matters to me.

What do i have to do to break in to society, it is seriously killing me that i can't have what everybody else seems to have. career, relationships where they don't feel inadiquate. I have skills in courses that i went to school for, skills from courses that I took outside of school.

What is wrong with me that there are no jobs for me? I have fought off being some kind of physical labour person all my life, and a trades person. Now i feel like ther are no choices left.

i feel that I will have nothing but a career in life, i don't have many friends, never dated or anything. so I pretty well know that the way to go is make some sort of business and be poor, or go back to school and learn a trade and be fucking miserable.

what do people do to get jobs? why am i stuck at the bottom when i have all sorts of qualifications, and had difficult jobs which required qualifications in my youth? and not just gettign the qualification one time, it was recertification after recertification, and needingmore qualifications to get a higher pay that was still below $18.


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  • dude... followin society rules... won't get u anywhere... trust me 8)


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  • Maybe doing something that u like as a business? Youtuber? something like that, sometimes people are quite choosy when it comes to find a job so of course it's not easy, what do u like to do first?

    • probably something with guitars, or aviation, though aviation is pretty far fetched as there are a lot of courses and high cost to get through. I know how to make a certain component for electric guitars and basses and I am trying to get them into local stores, but not having a business is one reason I think that I am out of luck. plus there are so many companies that already do it and have been for years.

    • don't give up hope, do a simple job first before that, earn enough money then plan for something new to make your own business

    • I know it takes a long time but if there are other ways, maybe u can try it out , who knows it might work

  • you'll find something!


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  • Because society suck ass!