This girl keeps making fun of me or teases me, so I made fun of her and now she won't talk to me, what can I so about this?

For a year this girl always comes up to me and makes of me and teases me and i had enough of it. Like she is pi-polar. She makes fun of me then like 10 minutes later asks if i want to hangout with her? She's attractive but i mean i hate how she makes fun of me so i turned the tables. She has a crappy car so i told her that i hope sher car will never start, i called her a shitty driver and i told her to lose weight (she is actually fit, not even fat). I said all these things cause for a year stright she keeps making fun of me. So i confronted her 4 days ago and told her why she hates me then she said i said mean things to her and made her cry at her house and when i tried to explain how she made fun of me for 1 year she said sorry then?

I'm a nice guy but i couldn't take anymore of this. She keeps poking me, steals my car keys, kick me in the butt when she see's me, and says mean things when people are around. I think there is something wrong with her, but like what is going on and how can i make her talk to me again?


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  • Sounds to me like she has some form of feeling for you but doesn't want anyone to know hence the reason for teasing you around people and hanging out with you when they aren't and the sorry then response this is really childish of her I understand you're frustration just go apologize for making her cry and initiate that you all call it water under the bridge

    • She does do it infront of people i what i meant, (the teasing). I will apologize to hjer cause she said sorry to me, so i'll do that. I mean were my words hurtful? The one thing i forgot to put (and yes this is mean and i don't mean it at all). I told her she should never take her make up off because she needs it all time... but in reality she looks good without makeup actually.

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    • My point exactly by the way when you go to apiloze tale her her favorite snack or chocolate that usually comes in handy in the forgiving process

    • i'll get her chocolate


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  • She is violent and excessively moody. The are signs of a serious behavioral disorder. Cease all contact with her. This woman is capable of anything.

  • ignore taht bitch

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