Help me to continue my PASSION?

I am not a computer major but I know deep in side myself that I am computer literate. I do self-study before in web designing, html, graphic artist, video editing and stands out in every works. I was about to get IT before but people turn off and instead get a banking finance course. As I was having my internship, I am not happy to my work. I think designing is my passion. I know a person before that he gets nurse but now a known web developer and earns big. I wanted to be like him. How can I get started?

error for 3rd sentence: I waa about to get IT but people turn me off and instead I took banking finance


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  • Build up a portfolio and start applying for jobs.


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  • Community college. That's what my wife did. She makes a boatload now with just a business IT certficate.

  • Start creating and gain practice as well as experience designing via painting, drawing collage work etc, go wild its what the job interviewers look for imagination with a wide variety of techniques of implementing them. Sort this into a portfolio and just apply for designing professions :). It is important to sell yourself to the employers... good luck :)


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