About to make phone calls to important businesses for a job offer! Anyone wanna give a PEP TALK?

Soooo my nerves are getting the best of me right now. Job interviews aren't the problem... phone calls are.

I know this post may totally sound insecure, but i just need a little push lol. Its already been a month since i graduated school and im not working yet :((( I'm 21 and its time that i need to move out of my parents house!

So, if you want, give me your BEST pep talk! lol.

No telling me im insecure or stupid or lazy because that is not what i need (i feel like that already obviously)

Just to add, this won't be an Over-the-phone interview. Its more of a chance for them to let me come in and bring my resume and possible interview!


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  • A good way to get confidence is to put the whole thing in a different perspective. You see it as you needing this job, that these people are judging you.

    Have you ever tried to turn the tables? These jobs need people like you just as bad as you need them. When you walk into an interview, you should be judging them JUST as much as they are judging you, to see if THEY fit YOUR needs. You have skills, and you have positive things you can offer to the job and to the world. Take pride in it and hold the world to YOUR standards, not theirs.


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  • It helps to talk out loud and answer the regular interview questions they will inevitably ask you. This helps get the flow of words going and helps voice projection.

    Do try to maintain a bit of "urgency." What i mean by this is when i interview people for job positions, if they sounded like they have all the time in the world on the phone, i made me think they don't have anything going on, which sounds like lazy.. unmotivated type of behavior. Not that you are any of this but try to keep up with the "i am busy" pace.

    Don't umms and uhhs, this is a passive voice.

    G00d Luck.

  • just try 2 not b fake... and dont b nervous

  • Perhaps not entirely apt, but awesome nonetheless :D


  • You can do this and good luck

  • It's normal to be nervous, the more research you do about the company the more confident you will be about answering any questions. Is all about being confident and in believing in yourself. Be nice and polite. You got this :)


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  • Just a question, honestly not meant to be offensive, but do you have Aspergers syndrome? (I ask this because you sound a lot like me.) If so, or even if not, I have some coping mechanisms that I use that could possibly help.
    For phone calls, I write down everything I'm going to say (including hi, my name is ___). That way I don't have to deal with the anxiety of deciding what to say. Then leave space at the bottom or on another page to write any information about interviews that you might otherwise forget.

    • No :/ i dont. I just really hate phone calls, even talking to family or friends, i hate it. Face to face is fine, just on the phone i feel like im not as personable? i guess..

      Sometimes when im talking though i will know what i want to say but i can't get the words out.. Like i lose my train of thought or something or get tongue tied. Makes me feel like i look like a weird idiot

  • Be confident and remember that as much as they are interviewing them, you are interviewing them. You can do this!!

    • If it helps hold the phone away from yourself and talk to it like its a person. Or have someone sit with the phone and put it on speaker