How to prepare for the dentist?

My tooth's been really hurting for like 4 days now and I think that it's a slightly different colour to the others, which is usually what happens when it dies and the supply gets cut off? So I assume they're going to want to take it out. I'm terrified of dentists and of needles, so I'm freaking out. Does anyone have any tips that they use before going to the dentist?


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  • Brush your teeth, but then just go, sit back, and enjoy the ride. Take a deep breath, pay attention to something else, be relaxed, then try to ignore the discomfort. But it's better to have it taken out if it's dead, rather than getting an infection and potentially dying on the long run like that guy on Reddit whose bone marrow was necrotic because of an infection in his tooth.

    • Thanks for MHO! Honestly, what works for me is taking a deep breath and not paying attention to what's going on in my mouth. Painkiller numbs it anyways.


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  • think to yourself, if you don't remove it , you will get an infection. you will feel a lot more pain then just removing it.

    Ask to be put to sleep instead of numbing needles. by the way it doesn't hurt that much, it's way less pain than say getting your ears pierced.


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  • I use a dentist who uses IV sedation, haha. It's mad expensive, but it's the only way I'd be able to get through a tooth pulling.

    I've had two root canals and two teeth pulled.

    • Tooth pulling itself isn't even that bad. The pain that comes when the painkiller stops working, now that's a bitch.

    • It's more because of my gag reflex than the pain, lol.