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We get so many adverts that ask us to donate £2 every month to give clean water to those in Africa, to help stop abuse in children, save the donkeys etc. Do you think it should be our responsibility? Or do you think the government should be sorting it out?

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Tbh the Africa I am mainly focusing on. The others are of course for generosity. Sorry bout that peeps


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  • I believe it should be something that everyone works on. Donating is not a responsibility but an act of love and respect, as a lady here already mentioned. I am an atheist, so I wouldn't justify it with the bible, I would rather call it an "ethical necessity". But it's basically the same idea.
    The problem with donations is that they only help momentarily. There is this great Chinese proverb that says: "give a fish to a poor, hungry man and he will be happy for this day. Teach him how to fish and he will be happy for the rest of his life." I believe that instead of donating, we should focus more on establishing institutions in Africa that actively teach Africans how to live. Sometimes, this can be very simple things such as "how do I fix my village's well instead of asking for donation money to build a new one". You won't believe it but this is what actually happens. Sometimes, a well is build with money that was donated to provide clean water. Then, the pump breaks and nobody knows how to fix it or replace it. So what do they do? Simply build a second well. These kind of things should definitely be changed.
    But then, there is a very different aspect to the whole problem of African poverty. The people there are not just poor and hungry because they are uneducated but also because WE, the first world, don't give them any fair chances. Practically all western countries protect their own farmers by putting insanely high protection tariffs on all their imported food-products. This might sound nice for the local farmer but how can a banana-farmer from Venezuela or a cotton-farmer from Africa ever work under fair conditions if they have to produce their products so extremely cheap that they can't make ends meet anymore with their job, all just to even reach the American or European market? These kind of things have a lot to do with politics. Politics should help Africa get a fair chance on the global market and get a proper industrialization. But sadly, this will probably never happen because rich people like to protect their wealth and their privileges.

    • Agreed. It won't, not in this world anyway. Too many greedy and selfish people.

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  • The ultimate responsibility is with Africans themselves...

  • I want to save the donkeys the most from that list.

    • I feel ya. Those poor things 😔

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  • Its not a responsibility its an act of generosity and love. Helping people is a privilege and a very satisfying pleasure, not a responsibility. The bible says he who ignores the cries of the poor his cries will also be ignored. I do not God want to ignore me when I'm 90 years old so I do not ignore others.

    • I am a Christian. And yeah of course. But what I mean is, if money was shared properly donating to those in Africa won't be needed because they will have what they need and deserve. Things like donating for donkeys and stopping abuse are obviously out of generosity. But the Africa one frustrates me

  • I think both the government, the people, and Africa should work together on it not just the people.

  • Everyone should help out.