How to deal with a Bitch in School?

A teacher announced that the trays have to be taken out before we do an activity. I politely tell her the same thing. She stares at me then calls me a moron then an imbecile. I call her a bitch. I try to see wtf was wrong with her, but I doubt it'll help. I try letting it go, but it kept bugging me. I told my family, but they told me to beat her ass if she says anything else to me or push me. And now I'm back onto this website. So, after that What the fuck should I do before I do something that I'll either regret or enjoy?


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  • Your family told you to beat her ass? Does that include your parents? If so you have some cool ass fam O. o
    Try ignoring her if that doesn't work.. well mother knows best


What Girls Said 1

  • I'd ignore her if I were you. I'd act like she doesn't exist.