I have no one to use as a reference; will it be next to impossible for me to get a job?

Almost every place I look for a job asks for 3-5 references for them to call. I literally have no one to use. I stopped talking to my friends after high school (we didn't hate each other I just never felt the urge to talk to them and they've never called me or tried to contact me so they're out of my life now.) I do well in school but I've made no friends in college I just focus on my course work. I can't even submit the applications without references and I just don't know how to get a job.


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  • I hate that whole reference thing. I get it. But I never worked super long at places and I'm reserved so, even though I was friendly to the customers, I never made real friendships with my boss' ugh.
    I say ask a professor. I did do that when I was in high school. Also, try a preacher or community service organizer.

    • I emailed professors from my spring semester asking if I could use them. I was always in class (a lot of people in college just ditch class constantly so I think that makes me look extra good) and got A's but none of them have replied to me.

    • My professors always take forever to reply. Wait about 2 days then send another email starting with something like 'Hi Dr. Johnson, I believe my email was lost in your junk mail. I emailed you about...' basically something apologizing for your email being lost and for bugging them haha. Keep trying though, professors are great references :)


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  • Can you ask your old professors or maybe someone you did volunteer work with? Did you do any extracurriculars in school? The staff adviser or president could be a reference.


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  • Email your professors again, or call them.

  • If you're doing well in school, ask your professors.

  • You don't have 3-5 friends you can trust to say nice things about you?

    • No I'm out of contact with all of my friends from childhood and I really haven't made any friends in college.