Why do people always say music is shit these days and died in the 60s,70s 80s?

Like i never get that, people say music is gone shit now, with all this edm and electronic music, there is no room for real singing, talent, instruments, piano, guitar, bass, etc...

people say nicki minaj, iggy azalea, jessie j, jay-z, taylor swift all this new shit is talentless and sounds like shit

But i have a question for you guys, i'm sure classical musicians said the same thing about the the beatles, cream , elvis presley, micheal jackson and queen... when they first came out...

To someone who listens to wagner, bach and mozart all day, 70s and 80s music sounds like shit and is awful

Infact if i'm honest pop music from the oldies is terribly simplistic, it has the same boring key, in 4/4 time signature, no exotic scales, same pentatonic scales
There are lots of pop singers in our day that write their own music and play piano, guitar and know music theory...

Lady gaga (writes most of her songs, plays piano)

taylor swift ( plays guitar, writes her own songs)

katy perry (writes most of her songs)

Ignore the talentless like nicki minaj , they are not true musicians


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  • All music snobs think that new music is terrible. I mean, when the violin was first invented people hated its loud obtrusive sound. When Vivaldi first composed, people where like, 'Hell no. What's he even doing to music?'. When the Romantic era first began, with Chopin and Liszt and Wagner, people were shocked at how they weren't following the rules anymore and thought their music was just a huge cacophony of meaningless sounds that any old composer could churn out. Look at them now. Aren't they 'good music'?

    I can like whoever I want and I choose to like Taylor Swift. Get off your high horse music snobs. If you lived a few centuries ago you'd probably be turning your nose up at Mozart. And maybe if you were just a few decades ago you'd be snorting at the Beatles' music, and dismissing them as 'talentless'.


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  • I just like music that isn't about sex or money, fame, drugs, etc.

    I listen to some of Taylor Switft's once in a while.

  • The majority of music today is sh*t. Music from the past can still be played & enjoyed by most, but the music of today won't have the same effect.

  • because its true.


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  • 80s music shit?

    bro... i'm gonna practice my fists on u!!! >:(

    80s music 4 EVER!!!

  • no because back then sure there were shit artists and groups but they were outnumbered by good ones. now its the opposite any idiot can half ass and be praised as an amazing musician rappers dont rap anymore they borderline sing and recycle the same topics stealing killing women sex money and stuff they bought with it. singers dont sing anymore they talk in a musical voice and borderline rap. they also beat the dead horse of singing topics sex, love, and heartbreak.

    they aren't creative anymore and they all sound the same. want to make a good song? tell an actual story! make a drive to taco bell the best song ever!

    • NWA and 2pac music was very violent, said the n word all the time, and about bitches, moneys and such...

      Nothing has changed

    • im not a tupac fan but at least he had a few gems and made creative songs. people now dont bother as long as its catchy they stick to the same garbage songs to get a check.

  • different people different opinions

  • Older pop music may have had the same problems as the current trends but don't deny that Michael Jackson was better than anyone that exists now.