Which character should I start to play as (ssb4)?

I'm thinking about trying to get good at someone else in ssb4 but I can't decide. So that's why I'm leeting you do it, because I'm a weakling who can't make decsicions and will leave the course of my life to the god of favourable chance, only to watch it fly away! :)

Which character should I start to play as (ssb4)?
Captain Falcon (aka The Knee of Justice) :

Mr Game and Watch:


  • Robin
    0% (0)33% (3)30% (3)Vote
  • Captain Falcon
    0% (0)33% (3)30% (3)Vote
  • Mr Game and Watch
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
  • Killager. I mean Villager.
    100% (1)34% (3)40% (4)Vote
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  • I think you answered your own question when you gave the Villager a murder nickname.

    • They're all good but I don't have enough time to train as all of them :(

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  • I am amazing with satin. ah I mean Villager. Besides we need to smash sometime.

    • Yeah that would be cool! But I live out in the countryside, so my internet is really bad and I can only do online stuff with other people if I'm the only one home :( It's quite hard to orchestrate