Can anyone explain clearly what is the true meaning of "going out with someone to prom"?

I've heard before but I never thought of something like a date or something, it's like full of possible things. Is it someone who ask u on a date? or just to go with them and have fun just because of their last year (still friends)?
What if, for example, I was asked to prom and and I said yes but I didn't say that I want to be in a relationship with him but just to dance with him and all, is that acceptable?
What's the meaning? I hope someone can explain because I'm so confused and everyone in my school was so excited.


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  • You can go to prom in 3 ways, I guess. 1st is if you are already in a relationship. 2nd is as a date, and you know the person/want to be in a relationship. There's a solid chance that he would want to do more than just dance. The third is if he says explicitly that you are going as friends. You will do stuff with a group before and after the dance like with all of the other categories just as friends.


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  • I took it to mean a date

  • Well - you take a girl to the prom. Not much more to tell. For most it is their first BIG fancy affair


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  • If someone asks you to prom they likely have a crush on you... You should just ask if it is meant as a fun friendly thing or meant to be a romantic date.

    • But if I ask them that way, won't they get hurt? Some people do tho :/ and I'm worried

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    • Well, some people would jump to the conclusion when ask by questions like that, especially the people I met are like that

    • Well if you can't ask them a basic question you are wasting your time with them