Have you ever had to tranquilize a pet?

We have to take out rotty to the vet in like an hour and he gets nippy towards people so we had to give him some tranquilizer pills.

Poor baby tried to go knock at the door to say "lemme out" and he missed by a landslide. Not to mention he can't even walk straight and is being a total cuddly baby.

I feel bad 😔

When we got to the vet they had to sedate him because the tranquilizer pills weren't enough. Good ol fear aggression.

Now we're struggling to get him in the house..



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  • Hahaha I know its bad to laugh but he looks like he just got home from a long night of drinking. "I just can't get up the stairs mom I'm just gonna lay right here on the steps" lol. He is cute tho. Does he get aggressive with everyone or just the vet?

    • Everyone if it's outside of our home. :/

      Yeah he was pretty hilarious. He stayed at the bottom of those steps for a solid 5 hours at least before we could get him upstairs.

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    • He should be, he keeps gettin up to grab his ball and squeak it a little bit, and then goes to sleep. He's pushin through it. :)


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  • never yet. I did, however, had to hold down many dogs so that they can be tranquilized with a needle :o

    lol he can't even walk straight :P

  • I have not. I try not to give animals drugs (even though it is fun to blow smoke in their faces), because I don't think they really like it.

    I know your rotty is a rescue (and therefore his formative years may have been fucked up by a bad owner), is there anyway you could enroll him in some sort of training school or something? I've seen them at Petco and advertised other places. How expensive are the pills?

    • My sister looked into the training classes but I have no idea what ever came of her searches. I think she just gave up.

      We didn't really wanna give him the tranqs either but.. necessary evil when it comes time for rabies updates.

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    • It's once a year. The training school is out of my hands, he's not my dog. :/

    • Oh, nvm. I thought this was some sort of new therapy for your pooch. My concerns are alleviated.

  • Awe sorry about your dog , i know we had a chihuahua
    who had to be muzzled cause he was aggressive towards
    others that weren't family to him... Well hope he is feeling better:)

  • Don't worry, Rotty will be back to himself in no time. 😉👍

  • some human tranquilizers kill dogs


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  • oh no! =/ poor thing. speedy recovery!

    i haven't had to do that.

  • Euthanize or tranquilize?

    • I'm pretty sure it's the latter lol she'd be a lot more sad if it was death.
      They just made him sleep since he's not good with people.

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    • My best friend's dog knows who I am and every time I go over to her house, her dogs still runs away when I tried to pet her. Her dog was a rescue, and was abused. In order for the dog to let you pet her, you have to be around her 24/7 (which I am not).

    • "if it's a rescue, that's a special case"