How do I find my place to live?

I am just about to graduate from college here in December 2015 and recently I have been contemplating where I want to live after. I live in Indiana and I don't really feel the connection living here (or in Tenessee where my mom currently lives). I am looking at getting my masters but I don't know how to go about finding my place in the country to possibly live for a long time.

How does one go about finding that one city to live in across the country? I generally know the region I want to live in but it still baffles me how to find that one spot that matches me.

I took an online quiz and got a few results back that I've looked at and looked at through google street view but I don't know how to look through hundreds or thousands of possibilities.


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  • With your situation, you might want to approach it with a different mindset. I can't speak for your job outlook, but I would think that you probably will need to just move to where the work is. If you land a good job somewhere, it means that you were probably meant to be there. by the way I got my Master's Degree in Indianapolis and I know exactly what you mean when you say you didn't feel a connection to the area. A lot of the people were friendly, but also rich and stuck up (notably at the school I went to). There was also an environment of religiosity and wholesome lifestyles that don't really mesh well with me.


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  • Agree with @HereForTheDay. First search for a job. If you have multiple offers then look at a site such as to see how places compare (taxes, weather, diversity etc).
    It can be done other ways but you don't wanna find yourself jobless in Biloxi with an expensive lease.
    Truthfully where you live does not matter nearly as much as your job and the people you will associate with.

  • Look for places with a lot of the Job or area you are interested in. Move there. Think of that BEFORE you consider cost etc.

  • Maybe move country

    • if she just got her degree she can't move to a different country and get a job. She won't get a work visa. Best to do this AFTER you have a job, transfer within the company. Then the company sponsors you and it works easily. ... If that is ever an interest

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