Jedi Mind Tricks... hmm?

okay girls, here's the fudge.

you start dating this awesome guy, everything is so whimsical and perfect, like seriously just flawless.

anyways after 2 years it turns out this guy is a muther fucking jedi! like knew who right?

so here's the shit, he's been using jedi mind tricks on you the entire time to make you happy, in every aspect, and he finally admits that to you. he loves the shit out of you which led him to come out.

the fuck do you do now?

Jedi Mind Tricks... hmm...?

  • sooooooooo angry now!
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  • i think i can still love
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  • dont know what to think
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  • here's my 2 fucking cents
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  • Here's my two fucking cents. Literally here's two pennies.

    Do you have something you need to confess here? Are you a Jedi? Lol


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