How to keep happy and cool while other people around you already settled down and have their own family?

I'm a happy go lucky girl, but day by day, I can't deny it, it's hurtful to see all my friend's getting married, and even expecting their second child... i felt so much a failure whenever I'm watching all those things. I have a lot of friends, I have a good paid job, and I have several travel bucket list checked, but yet.. I'm still feeling lonely and empty. It's my life goal, but yet, I'm still too far to even reach it. wth... I hate my life. Need some courage here, thanks!


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  • Hey, your time hasn't come just yet. I am in a similar boat, and am quite happy with my life and my achievements. If this helps, those friends who have settled and are raising families turn green when you tell them about your adventures :) This is an irony - many people wish for what they don't have. The difference is though, you are still capable of having a family and you are well travelled and with a good secure career. They are not - and won't likely to be since family takes up a lot of time, and effort and money and everything else. So you enjoy your single kids and commitment free life until you meet the right person, who will help you to fulfil your other dreams :) Don't settle for anything less than what you truly wish for in your life


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  • Oh how I so related to this question. First of all I'm extremely surprised you're not already taken because you're a awesomely gorgeous girl. But things happen so let's look at the bright side. You're single and you have nobody tying you down so you can do what every you want that's one. You don't have the expense of raising children or have your time restricted that goes with having children. Now as for loneliness, like I said you're extremely gorgeous and it sounds like you're single. If you are it has to be because you aren't being exposed to guys or they think you are taken which is a very common thing at 26. But if the word gets out you're single given that is the case I guarantee you that your singleness will go away quick that's if you want it to.

    • thanks for your advice and yeah, you makes me smile. maybe I was too busy focusing my energy into work (to ignore all those sadness), and I don't know how to get the words out lolz

    • You're most welcome! :) But yea think of it this way when you see the people you know with their kids, kids are fun when they visit as long as they eventually go home. Your friends are prisoners and you are not. So be sure to rub that in their faces!

  • I had a few friends get married but I don't want to force anything and do it just because everyone else is doing it you know.

    Once you get older and your friends have kids it's kinda different. I also had a girlfriend and things fizzled out otherwise we might have settled down together.

    Don't feel bad, message me if u want to talk about it, I can help u think it through

  • What do you find your identity in...

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    • owh... i see. yeah, i agree with you, I'm not a club/bar kind of girl, I'm usually met guys in my job. but most of them are already marriage. still waiting for the one ;)

    • I am too... I really want to meet my best friend and wife...

  • I'm in the same boat as you


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  • I have the same problem. But unlike me, you have plenty of time. Staying away from facebook and living near a big city definitely helps

    • yeah, I'm thinking to deactivate my fb too.. so much babies so much marriage and so much whatever

    • IKR! When I see stories of their kids, my heart can't help but break. Especially, since I'm in a relationship that was so perfect, then fell apart unexpectedly. Like my dreams taken out from under me.

    • yes! the same thing happened to me last year, it was like, such a waste of time to hope and to wait for someone but then, nothing's happen. it break my heart and pissed me off honestly, i feel ya..