My boyfriend told me my best friend is not his type but then why did he do that?

He went and sat next to her and started to tease her about wanting to kiss her then he pinned her down and layed on top of her when she told him she wasn't interested in him. At first I thought it was funny until I saw how angry and upset my friend was. Why did he do that?
Is he interested in my friend?


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  • Pleasure knows no bounds, he wasn't joking about it.
    I have friends that doesn't have girlfriends but still has sex with girls and their ok with him doing other girls. It's like seriously funny.

    Probably like your boyfriend here except he has you. If he does that, there's no telling how he will act around a girl when you're not around. People think what you can't see doesn't hurt you. But when you find out about it... It hurts like crap.

    I suggest leaving him, don't even give him a chance. Be speechless when he asks you not to do it.


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  • He sounds quite interested in her but makes the childish assumption that being aggressive will make her like him. A boyfriend does not go around attacking other girls.

    • But he keeps telling me that she is nothing compared to me and that he is not interested in her.

    • If he told you the moon is square, there are actually 4 suns, balls roll phill, and pigs fly, would you believe what he says, or what you can see with your own eyes?

  • He's probably just a little horndog.


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  • Why is your boyfriend getting that close in the first place?
    Im so confused.
    Even if she were his type... why is he doing that?
    That's inappropriate.
    I would speak to him about that.

    • I told him he was wrong to pin her down and lay on top of her. At first I thought he was just having a bit of fun.

  • Yes he is

    Why would he do that