Tylenol and alcohol?

Last night I went to a party... I did something really dumb. I took two extra strength Tylenols and had a couple of drinks (watermelon jack and a Smirnoff) I was fine, but about half way through I started feeling really sick. The 3 hour car ride was agonizing, I thought I was going to die. Thankfully my boyfriend drove.

Also, there's no way I could have been drunk after just that


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  • My friend used to do that to black out "for fun" - - definitely not a good idea to mix alcohol with medicine/drugs.


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  • Tylenol and alcohol combined really bad thing to do
    Tylenol is now damaging peoples livers it's better to drink
    it's less to cause liver damage and could lead to other things.
    Check this out :

  • Tylenol doesn't interact with alcohol. It was something else, unless it was prescription Tylenol with codeine..

    • I don't know... My boyfriend and I shared cup or bottle the entire time and he was fine

    • well... Tylenol WITHOUT codeine has no interactions with alcohol. With codeine, it does. But is it was not in a prescription bottle, it didn't have codeine.

  • yea nothing to do with the mix of Tylenol and alcohol i think it was just the booze but you did do more damage to you're liver then just the alcohol alone tells you right there on the bottle so you're on your way to liver disease


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  • Unless the Tylenol had something extra like codeine, I doubt it'd make you feel that bad. Medicines like Tylenol have nothing to do with alcoholic drinks. It may have been a reaction to something. Could it be that you were allergic to anything you ate or drank or came in contact with? Food poisoning? Some new food or drink you aren't used to?