What's something I could cook for my awesome boyfriend?

I really want to make him something and we both love Asian food, but I've only ever made Asian (mostly Vietnamese) for him. I want to switch things up a little =) Does anyone know some delicious recipes a novice cook can make? You can recommend other Asian dishes too, but I would prefer something new.

When I say novice cook, I don't mean I can't actually cook lol. I just mean that I can't/won't do anything too crazy (or expensive), like make chicken stock from scratch. I've made pho, salmon chowder, plank salmon, grilled marinated chicken, a variety of cakes, bread, etc. I can do more than just spaghetti (though it is delicious) =)


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  • Well, here' just some ideas:
    - Sushi is a great idea. One that I also thought of when I saw this question. Since your boyfriend claims to know how to do it but you've never actually seen him doing it, you could try making them together. Making sushi with another person is more fun anyway. I make them quite often with my Korean girlfriend (there's also a Korean version called Kimbab, usually with meat instead of raw fish).
    - Another Japanese dish that is one of my absolute favorite dishes is called Donburi. It's similar to sushi in terms of ingredients but it's arranged differently. First of, you need one bowl for each person. Then, you cook rice. Now, Japanese people usually just put the rice in the bowl and then put the raw fish on top. I personally have my own version that I think is even better: I first treat the rice with rice vinegar. Then I make layers of rice, fish (e. g. Salmon) and avocado. So, like rice - fish+avocado - rice - fish+avocado etc. The top should be a sort of flat space with rice, then you assemble your leftover fish along the edge of the bowl and in the middle you put a raw egg (or you can also make a poached one, that fits well too). Finally, you finish it off with a quick drizzle of soy sauce. Soooo delicious!
    - A very easy Korean dish that I love and I was cooking a lot when I was living in Korea with my girlfriend is Kimchi-bacon-rice. It's very simple: you need to buy sliced bacon and a few hundred grams of Kimchi. You cut both of them into small pieces and cook the rice in the meantime. Once the rice is done, you pour it into a frying pan (it works even better if you first put it into the fridge for an hour!). Then, you fry the already cooked rice for another 20-25 minutes on the highest level, so it becomes just a bit crispy. In a separate frying pan you fry first the bacon and then the Kimchi. Once the rice done, you pour the bacon and the kimchi in there too, mix it up well and fry it for just one or two more minutes. Because the bacon and Kimchi are very salty and because the Kimchi is spicy, you don't need to season it :-).
    - I'm not very knowledgable about Chinese food but if you feel brave, dim sum would certainly be something very cool to try out. I wanna make them some time. There are a lot of good videos how to make them on youtube :-).

    • Wow! Thank you so much for this detailed response! That donburi stuff sounds really good, but what would it taste like without the egg? My boyfriend would probably go along with it, but I'm not a fan of eggs that aren't scrambled.

    • Well, I guess it would taste more or less the same. It's not one of the main ingredients, so it's not like the dish doesn't work without it. I just personally like it a lot because it is very authentic and because it gives the dish a sort of a eggy sweetness and goes together beautifully with the fish, particularly with raw salmon. But I think that's also the beauty of many Japanese dishes: there are lots of varieties. You don't have to stick exactly to the original recipe as you do when making your own pesto sauce for example.
      Oh and there is one more Japanese dish that I like a lot and that I thought about right now: it's called Okonomiyaki. It's like something like a Japanese homage to western food. But that one is too complicated to explain here, so I'm just gonna post you a video ;-)
      P. s. The writer of this recipe says the original was with thinly cut pork. Personally, I prefer it with shrimps (Hiroshima style). So you see, there is also a lot of space for creativity ;-).

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  • in my opinion... each should cook their own...21st century yo 8)

    • Lol I'm not sure if he really can cook. He claims that he knows how to make sushi and things with tofu, but I have never seen him do it.

  • Fried rice is really really easy. :)

    I appreciate anything a lady cooks for me.

  • Steak is easy and delicious.

    Pasta is easy and delicious.

  • Those roly poly rice balls


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  • Why not just some spaghetti?

  • Orange chicken. I did the pioneer woman one and it was yummmmy

  • Hainan chicken rice

  • fried rice is so good

  • Japanese curry is superrrrrr easy to make, do you have an Asian market by your house?

    • Yes! I have three lol.

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    • I'd love the recipe! Hit me with it!

    • so sorry for the late reply!!!

      - 1/2 diced (white or yellow doesn't matter) onion
      - 2 stalks of celery diced
      - 10-15 baby carrots cut up
      - 4 small red potatoes diced and somewhat par-boiled.
      - curry roux
      - rice

      If you would like to add chicken you may, but surprisingly i enjoy it without meat too. If you want the chicken:
      - 3 chicken thighs cut up

      stick all of that in a pan with the oil of your choice on medium heat. seasoning is up to you, but just remember the curry roux will bring a lot of the flavor so i try to keep the seasoning basic (salt and pepper). then put a lid on it for a few minutes. stir occasionally until all the veggies and meat are halfway cooked. then add the curry roux and let it cook a tad bit longer until it's complete. superrrr easy. then just make some rice to go with it.

      side note the curry roux i get has apples on it, I'm so sorry I'm not sure of the name, I usually just grab it from the market I go to and dart out lol.