How to get a barista job?

There is a coffee shop in my small town that is hiring I believe it is locally owned. I have to drop off my resume during business hours. How do I make a good first impression. Should I add the award I won for culinary? Should I add the experiences and work I did in a culinary kitchen and volunteer work even though I think it would apply for a kitchen or fast food job not a coffee house. Training can be provided everyone who goes there says its better than Starbucks even if I got the job how can I avoid screwing up? And I am 18


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  • Tell them everything you did as expierence.

  • Go to a coffee ship and apply?

    • okay captain obvious what if they ask questions that i don't know the answers to or my guarded, non-bubbly personality makes them say no what do i then? i am a huge perfectionist who likes to be prepared for absolutely every thing

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    • Then learn how to open up

    • Thank you captain obvious

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  • All of your culinary skills should be added, even the more out there ones