Am I unphotogenic?

I've been struggling with this for quite a while now, and I'd just like to get some opinions.
Everytime someone takes a picture of me (unexpected or expected) I don't even look like myself (?) and I mean like really ugly... And whenever someone turns on the front camera and I can see myself while the picure's being taken, It's already a lot better (I can recognize myself at least :')) But when I look in the mirror or when I look at myself through the front camera on my phone (not actually taking the picture), I think I look a lot more like myself.

Does anyone else also have this? Or am I just that ugly? If I'd just take a picture straight across from my face would that be the most reliabe?


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  • I think everyone is a bit unphotogenic in their own eyes.

  • unphotogenic doesn't equalize ugly... although a pic of urs could help, so we can tell :)

  • You're your own worst critic, most of us are. You're not ugly it's all about the angles and I don't think anyone looks good when they get a surprise pic taken.


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