What are the pros and cons of living alone at the age of 18?

Oh, and feel free to give some advice.


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  • I think the most obvious pro is being an independent person who can make decisions without having to consider other people. It doesn't necessarily mean having to be totally alone. A good compromise is a house or flat share, which still gives you a 95% independent life, but is much more efficient financially.
    The biggest con is having to be very careful with your finances. Creating a sensible and accurate budget will help here.
    True story about my sister, who for her second year at uni moved from halls into a house share. They were given a very cheap rent but in return had to look after the landlord's cat who was still resident in the house. They joked about it being rent-a-cat and getting the house for nothing.


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  • Pros: you can do whatever you want. Eat what you want. Bring whoever you want at whatever time you want. Have the house however you want. Not having someone constantly interrupting you, or on top of you.
    Basically you have full freedom.

    Cons: Chores, you have to do all of them on your own.

  • Pros is that you get the freedom to do whatever you want and cons is that you have to manage your money carefully.

  • Pros.. you have no one to answer for and you can do whatever you want. Cons, you have bills to pay and sometimes can get lonely if you don't have roomate

  • You can go around the house in your skivvies, you can pretty much masterbate in whatever room you please, you have full control over the television and fridge space, you have a lot more control over when you go to sleep amend get up (so long as you get to work on time, and whatnot), you can set the thermostat however you can afford, you can eat wherever you want...

  • Pros:
    No nagging from your parents
    You can do whatever you want (as long as it's legal)
    You're your own woman
    You can pee with the door open

    No nagging from your parents
    If you're lazy (which most teenagers are), your home will shortly become a dump
    Teenagers rarely make enough money to both pay the bills and do whatever they want
    Teenagers usually don't have a solid knowledge on budgeting
    Stress, stress, stress
    Unless you know how to cook well, you'll have to eat generic and/or shitty food
    You'll miss your parent's cooking (if they cook better than you)

  • Pros of living alone at age 18 , you can pretty much
    come and go without being controlled by someone else
    you can do as pleased and not pick up after others or
    do someone else's work.
    Cons of living alone at age 18, gotta make sure you
    have the resources coming in to pay for bills, food,
    rent, you have to budget with your money on everything
    that you do ,

  • pro: taste of real world
    con: taste of real world

    if u know what i mean ;)

  • Cons... your safety. Finance stability. Comfort.


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