Why do we look?

When we blow our nose we look to see what color it is, don't we? Admit it. You've done it. When i was at the doctor's triage he asked me "any congestion? Runny nose?"
I said "Yeah."
He said "What color is it?"
I said "yellowish or white." That got me thinking...
How does he know I looked? What if i said "I don't know. Why do you want to know?"
It was broncitis and thankfully my snot wasn't green this time. (I know green can mean infection and yellow or white or clear snot would be something else.) But we look don't we? Ewh! We're gross. I should do stand up.


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  • It's true... most of us do look. Maybe it's some kind of evolutionary thing... keeping track of our personal health because back in the days there was no doctor around? I don't blow my nose a lot so I can't recall if I actually do look at it. But I always check the color of my pee to make sure that I drank enough (it should be very light yellowish, if it's dark, that means you didn't drink enough or you ate something very unhealthy). I guess it's kinda strange but then again I think it's also funny and good that we look.


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  • We do it out of habit.


What Guys Said 2

  • I'm just curious to see what was bunging me up.

  • never... never bothered seein its color