I reeaalllyy want this jobb! What do I say?

I put in a job application for two McDonald's locations. One Monday 5/8 and one yesterday 5/9. Its Wednesday now and I was going to call and just check up on my application because I really want this job. I just don't know what to say or ask.. This will be my first job. So what should I say when I call?


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  • You reeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly want to work at McDonald's? For real? Low wages, barely any benefits, and most people that work there don't speak English fluently? Really?

    • Omgggg. I DONOT CARE ABOUT THE PLACE. I JUST NEED A FREAKING JOB! I didn't ask the question to be told how McDonald's works I asked to get help with my interview.


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  • Why do u wanna work at McDonald's? I've heard 80% of people quit after 2 weeks