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Before summer break came around my professor and I were talking. And we started talking about the things happening in the Middle East and why lots of them don't like America. He said they like are movies, music and many other things but one of the reasons they don't like America is because they think we are selfish. He then said many countries think the same. What do you think of this? And if your from a different country please tell how most people think of the U. S. In your country?


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  • I just think there's a lack of foresight in foreign policy, I'm not keen on the attitude when it comes to the right to bear arms either. Apart from that I think the USA is cool.


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  • I would agree that people view the Americans as selfish. I'm from the UK, and here we tend to think that Americans are stupid and are all gun-toting rednecks.

    • We really don't think we're above all foreign countries. And most of the rednecks are down south

    • I know that. It's just that that's the stereotype we have of you here in the UK. No one really likes the Americans (but also the UK doesn't actually like anyone, including its own countries).

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  • As an American, I think they're accurate. We're like that spoiled child that cries and makes a big deal when we don't get what we want, then don't notice what we're doing in the meantime. I honestly think this countries going downhill fast, which is why I'm trying to get the hell out of here.

    • This country is not as bad as other countries

    • Compared to our allies, we get off at the idea of being the best quite frequently

  • It is the stereotype thing - You will find that America has a very bad image abroad.