Do you think certain races are superior at certain things?

this is a touchy subject. but it seems like at least from a general standpoint there may be something to this. Meaning that a specific persn from any given race is likely to be just as talented at something as another but overall base lines establish certain predispositions for success

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  • Sure that is easily possible.

  • Yes. We humans, for instance, are better at trying to segregate other humans into different races, based on skin color, even though we all belong to the same race.


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  • Yes, when it comes to physical stuff yes. It's all about sexual selection, not because we were created that, way, it's just that different cultures thought that certain attributes were better than others, so they decided to procreate with people that possessed those kinds of attributes.

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    • yo I laughed so hard off that south park stuff

  • Unless, you mean something like Asians are better at seeing in windy environments because they have epicanthic folds, or black people are better at handling the sun because of the abundance of melanin then no, i don't think so.

  • white people are very good at getting a sun burn
    black people are very good at hiding in the dark
    Asian people are very good at everything

  • Yes. Back in the days of slavery, slave owners would force slaves who are stronger and faster to have sex. Hence the concept of the black hulking guy was formed.

  • Some races are better at things because they teach it better.

  • Thinking it is possible for some races to be more talented in certain areas may not be popular, but it isn't impossible. We know that physically this is true. Certain humans have evolved to be better suited for hot or cold environments for example. Most races are generally lactose intolerant. Meaning even how we digest food can be different.

    It appears that any difference or talent within the more intellectual areas is minor and over shadowed by nurture, but it is still possible that some races may have some small edge in certain areas. I don't think these differences are big enough to worry about or we would have solid evidence to prove these difference are true. I just find the mathematical odds that every race has EXACTLY the same potential in all areas as statistically impossible.