This is Lucky Luciano one of the best Mexican Rappers in Texas tell me what you think about his music?

Lucky Luciano
He raps about everything but he also raps about cars clothes and women because he had to work hard to get what he wanted and where he is at now.

This is Lucky Luciano one of the best Mexican Rappers in Texas tell me what you think about his music?

Rate his music let me know if you like it, give me your feedback and enjoy... Cheers 🍻

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Dont be a- holes and actually listen to the songs i just posted this and this guy rated bad in the first second!!!
Please dont hate because of the fact he is mexican i already know how racist people can be


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  • I'm a hip hop head. I listen to a lot of rap. This is not very good. I feel like I do not see a passion and when I do, his flash appearance contradicts it. His flow and lyricism are basic and he does not have a strong meaning. The beats sound like something I make in Garageband. Very simplistic. I listened to both tracks and don't like it. There isn't anything super unique to stand out. Honestly, I prefer Chief Keef over him and that means something. This is not a great rapper. Listen to true artists like Kendrick Lamar or J Cole's newer work of Gambino. I do not like him. It is not his ethnicity, he just isn't a great rapper yet. Worse than pedestrian

    • Not into mainstream music

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    • Never heard of them, why dont listen to mexican rap doesn't have to be your typical cali chicano rap im talking about like B real, cypress hill, Berner , spm, baby bash , kid frost why beacuse they are mexican?

    • I like Cypress Hill. I am from Cali so I know some mexican MCs personally. I don't judge a rapper on ethnicity. You should listen to some of these guys I mentioned. They are trill and from all over.

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  • Not into it. Sorry.


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  • Why'd he have to rip his name outright? He wasn't bright enough to come up with his own?

  • I had more lyrical talent free styling in the park when I was 10 years old...

    • I bet you didn't even listen to the songs

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    • Good for you your just a shit talker on the Internet have a great day

    • lol Two of my boys almost got signed in the mid 90s. Got flown up to NYC for 6 months to work on songs but it didn't work out due to image... I had Slick Rick's beats for The Art of Storytelling before he did. The bottom line is there are a lot of talented emcees that never get noticed. There wasn't much of a demand for white emcees in the 90s so I never saw it as a career path... Em was the first one to get any sort of notoriety back then because he battled like a king. Today you can be a fucking retard that doesn't know what a metaphor or alliteration is and just shell out the same cash money crap that was looked down upon back in the mid 90s. Rinse and repeat... It's a proven product for the idiots of the world. Shit has been so watered down these days it's amazing... There's been a huge divergence in the industry where you have good lyricists providing one product and then retard squad pumping out shit house rap.

  • If he's a rapper, then obviously his music is bad.