Is everyone here judgmental about heavyset people?

If I have to see another "obese-bashing" post I'm going to go AWOL! It's getting pathetic that everyone has something to say. For crying out loud if you love your body just love your fucking body. Stop shaming others!!! I NEVER see anyone shaming one for being borderline anorexic, so just drop this subject. Please!


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  • Hey, a few minutes ago i commented on a post that "borderline anorexic" is not cool!! so take respite from this that not everyone here is against obese people (against obesity, may be)... many of my friends are on the heavy side and believe me they are fucking funny & awesome to hangout with...

    • I like your comment that its different being against obesity rather than obese people. I see that point.

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    • Thanks Kim..:)

    • Aww no problem!


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  • Okay. I want us to take a deeeeeep breath together and then slowly let it out. In with the good. Out with the bad. Better?

    Next let's head over to the posting guidelines.

    I suggest looking at the antagonistic and offensive catagories. If you feel like someone's post breaks one of those rules, you can flag it. Then an administrator will know to look at the post and decide if the post should be taken down.

    I've been seeing a lot of the fatshaming posts too so you're not alone. It could just be that you're seeing things before or after a moderator looked in.

    Feel better?

    • I do feel better, and you're right. I guess I just don't report because I know every one has their right to opinions. Besides, when I try to report, it doesn't work.

    • People have a right to their opinion, but they don't have the right to say it in an offensive way. Everyone agreed to the same rules when we joined the site. Even reddit is cracking down on site spread harassment.

  • Thank God someone said it. I was getting quite sick of it as well.

    • I mean like every post I see, not just here but everywhere. Haters!

  • I think everyone should love themselves but the fat promoting people annoy me. People like saying that they are healthy at 360 lbs need to stop their shit

    • I don't think I've ever heard them say that but that they were comfortable in their own bodies.

  • I'm against obesity bot obese people. I have obese friends and they are awesome. I use to be very overweight, I understand that people can find it difficult to lose weight. People need support not insulting. Nobody wants to be unhealthy.