If I have a memory driver and I can't use use it on a mac, what do I do?

So I have a WD memory driver with 132 GB. I bought it many years ago and used it for a Windows computer. Now I have a mac. I can see all of my documents and photos, and I can copy them onto my mac. My problem is that I can't put anything into it. A window pops up and says that it's a mac, and I can't put my files into the driver. Does anyone know what I can do? Is there some software or anything that can solve my problem?


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  • First, copy all the files that you want to keep on to a safe medium. A USB stick of sufficient capacity should do the job.
    Then reformat the drive.
    I can say, though, that I am a long-time Mac user and I have had trouble with Western Digital products. As a result, I make a point of not buying them.


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  • You have to format it for Mac. If it has that capability that is