Are democratic countries at an advantage over the others?


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  • America is what it is. Anyone who doesn't like it is free to leave. Anyone abroad, just don't come.

    • I meant any democratic country, not specifically America.

    • I believe you had an exposition with your question last time. I rescind my answer.


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  • Well this isn't a democratic country (it's a representative democracy and that is very different) (The US). Democratic countries don't decide things well. There is a lot of chaos. Representative democracies breed corruption - you can see that here and now with Buffet and Obama and so many other things. A monarchy is the strongest if the ruler is a good one.

  • It was a huge advantage but now there are so many foolish and entitled people who try to vote themselves a better life by putting their hands in the pockets of the successful and hardworking, that it will have major issues soon in the form of economic porblems and strife as people are taught to hate the successful, a. k. a rich.

  • Not at all. Since the end of WW2, the only thing the democrats achieved to do and continue to do is the destruction of European nations. Is some of them they have achieved that in less than 20 years (Greece is the best example).
    Traditions, family, race, history/culture are all foundations that a nation needs to preserve itself. And these things are being pulled off by their roots from the democrats.