They attribute 25 percent of brain cancers to consumption of beef and now arsenic in chicken meat?

for a fitness guy like me who need 150g protein a day, whats a good alternative?

no protein is like meat!!!

this world sucks


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  • Whey protein has a very high biological value. Even if you're lactose intolerant, they have products that filter out the stuff that causes that so you can get the pure protein.

    Egg protein is also very good, but if the aresenic levels are high, then that's a no go. I would like to see the levels, and you can always shop around for chickens that have been raised on an organic farm. More expensive, but worth it if you consume a lot of protein.

    Soy is also good, but it isn't as high up as the above two. All of them react differently in how they're broken down, so take that into consideration as well.

    Of course, with powdered protein, the processes to make them can deposit heavy metals, like lead and mercury, but if you stay with a reputable brand, the levels are usually very low and you'll get more lead and mercury from shrimp than powdered protein.

    • yah but whey stays in your system for an hour while food will give you protein for several hours. and casien is just hard and toxic for you. i felt like crap taking it before.

      even organic chicken has arsenic as its in their food. a bit better but not much really...

      its annoying lol

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    • yah... FDA is a joke.

      i quit smoking, drink once a month and keep my weight in check. but id like to get into minor bodybuilding and this food issue is a real problem.

    • Well, with bodybuilding, paying attention to food is already a pain in the ass, so watching for the fine ingredients won't be that much more of a hassle. Get a food scale if you don't already have one, and rich or not, eating for bb is expensive.

      Honestly, though, all you can do is read up on the the food and supplements you are going to buy and make sure they fit as close to the criteria you're looking for. I know I do. Other than that, just hit it and have fun, while you're also kicking your own ass in the gym. :-)

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  • Those studies are falsified. Consumption o meat won't cause cancer. They are biased and designed to find those results. While beef is not the healthiest thing, it's still an important

    • no it hasn't .

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    • i hate brown rice. that shit fills you up and doesn't go well with other food lol

    • Ok that's good than lol. Beans with corn or beans with white rice are delicious and provide a decent amount of protein too. They provide All 20(?) amino acids like meats so it's a "complete" protein source

  • Did you know 100% of cancer victims drank water?

    • I know correlation isn't causation. But I m sure these scientists know how to hold experiments and research etc .

    • Well the way I see it, I'm dying some day anyways. And I love my steak. And chicken omelets. No study is going to take that away from me :P

  • I eat a lot of fish and eggs I don't like land meat.

  • Source for this?

  • Every damn thing we eat is poisoned.