No food, no friends, no money, and my boyfriend is busy most of the time what do I do to stay happy?

Ps: I don't know why it says this age but I'm 15 so I'm not qualified for a job or driving or anything. I can't leave the house and I don't have any good food to munch on. Facebook makes me sad because nobody talks to me and my boyfriend has a life of his own as well unlike me. I tried watching things online but in the end I get bored if it. I can't have any craft supplies anymore cuz I can't waste money as we need it to pay for other things. Other hobbies are uninteresting to me.
I'm starting to feel a bit miserable and I keep bugging my boyfriend to text me for hours everyday and I've become too clingy. I literally have nothing to do I've already probably seen all internet jokes in existence music isn't fun. I can't sing so it's no fun. I have absolutely no way of socializing or going out anywhere.


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  • Watch movies online.


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  • Eat Taco Bell.

  • Masturbate? Exercise? Go out and talk to people?

  • Get yo ass a hobby. Something that interests you.

    • I do have hobbies but it requires money to get the materials needed.

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    • I don't think mom would let me.

    • Well it wouldn't hurt to ask, but if that doesn't work maybe you can try to find new cheaper hobbies?