What type of headphone beats should I buy? I want them to last as long as possible! Also, should I buy wireless since I use my headphones mostly for?

walking and jogging? I have almost 190$! The reason i want them is because I need headphone that last more than 2 months!


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  • I recommend you skullcandy headphones... they are very good headphones... And sturdy and lasts long...
    I use skull candy headphones...

    • seriously?

    • @ Asker this guy is 100% serious

    • Yes! I have both big headphones and the small ones too... both are awesome...

      If you listen to songs that contain a good amount of bass then there headphones are perfect

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  • don't buy beats, just dont. You should get skullcandy lowest ones are 10 dollar and the last at least a month you take car of them but if think about it beats might last you a year. Would you spend $120 a year and buy twelve pairs or spend $300 a year buy 1 pair? That's right skullcandy are the way to go.

  • i herd they were shit and break way to often and i would agree


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