Is it ok that I find this funny and want them to fail and want him back?

Ok so me and my boyfriend broke up in April due to him needing his life in order and wanting me to do better with mine. he didn't have a job as he came back from deployment and has been sort of living off me. men and their ego needing to support us. Anyway I didn't see the need for us to breakup or whatever but it is what it is. Or maybe he was getting scared I don't know. Anyway I pushed him further away from me and bothered him. he now has a new girlfriend which i dont think he really loves and is putting on a show for her pretending to be someone he's not. He has never been all lovey dovey to anyone but he now is acting like that. he has a lot of problems and a bad past Ptsd, bipolar etc from deployment and i accept that and try to understand etc. I have been with him in the past about 10 years ago and recently again this past year. well he also cheated on his new girlfriend every week since they have gotten together. Someone he knows and i guess knows his new girlfriend told her all about his past and i guess to not be with him im guessing. Is is wrong to laugh at what is happenin? I know he's mad that it happened and tried to cover it up i guess. I do love him eventhough he is all sorts of messed up. I have been there through rock bottom with him and we have been through some tough times from me being pregnant and loosing it to his issues. I know people will say run far away from him but do you think there could be a chance? Could he have been scared of the future running away etc? and is it ok to feel some sort of happiness that they are sort of failing right before my eyes? Does that make me a bad person?

Yes and I know its wrong to feel that way. Im not usually like that at all


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  • Wow you're very mean and vindictive. That's a bad quality to have.


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  • I understand why you feel happy and it's a normal responds I don't want to say it's wrong but it's definitely not right. Most likely what will happen between the two of you if you two do happen to be together is that he'll cheat on you and hurt you the same way he hurt her. Since karma is truly a bitch. My advice is to let go. Whatever didn't go right 10 years ago and before April of this year won't go right now. He has a lot of things to work on before he can commit to anyone.

  • Its called a karma. U tried ur best. Supported him got pregnant nd lose baby. I understnd how terribly u hav been through. But last dont laugh nd just watch. God is there.
    God bless u

    • <3 aww thank you so much. Its been a tough road but i get by. he still hits me up and such its quite annoying. complaing about her, but I dont really believe what he says. He tells me all this stuff and how he misses me but i dont know if i wanna believe it.