Do you drive with a dash cam?

I live and work on the road. I see idiots like this everyday trying to cheat their way through life.

I've had these fraud attempts happen to me while driving my car and truck. It happened to me 10 times now, from the streets in LA, Chicago suburbs, NY barrows and ATL hoods; all of them failed:). The difference is people are less likely not to run towards my 80,000 lb mega death machine, but instead cars will reverse towards my truck.
The fraudster can be awarded up to $100,000 for damages if they attempt it on a major trucking company with a revenue over 100mil. This is why wal-mart trucks have dash cams.

Tip: Buy a dash cam and avoid paying thousands on insurance a mobth.


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  • As a truck driver myself, I really should...

    • Yup you should, protect your most valuable asset, your CDL. I wear my spyglasses when ever im driving through small towns or neighborhoods and they got signs saying "engine brakes prohibited". The glasses gives point of view of what im doing with my hands. I ha some old lady call the cops claiming she had a minor stroke because I used my engine brakes and I was like what? Cops left me alone after I showed them the video that I did not press or touch the engine brake button ;D

    • That's a new one on me!


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  • Ugh those people disgust me


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  • And protect yourself from police. Who can sized cash in excess of 2k and keep it. Even if your using it to buy something legitimate they can write on reports it's for drug money and perform public forfeiture

  • insurance scams aren't so much of a problem in my country. its more kids in the driveways getting run over and killed.

    and idiotic passing manouvers mostly by tourists.

    if you dont already, have a reversing camera fitted on your car and truck.

  • Good tips!