Girls, I really want to go swimming in the city pool but I'm on my period. what can I do about that? And any horrible stories about swimming on your?

So I want to swim on the city pool but I'm on my period. Would just using a tanpom work? Also has anyone had any bad experience doing that. Also is there any other tips for swimming on my period or should I just wait if out? Also how offen do I need to Change my tampon of I do decide to swim?

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  • I was scared af when I went swimming on my period, but it's not bad. I used a tampon but make sure, please make sure you know your flow and which one you should use because no one wants to see jaws in the water. You should change around 2 hours unless you're heavy (flow wise) then maybe what you feel comfortable. Swimming while on your period is not as bad as you think, the pressure of the water slowly stops your period but that does not mean not wear a tampon, but you'll be fine if you are prepared. Just dont be super active like jumping a lot or having people dunk, or throw you in because I doubt people want to see a tampon floating around. :) good luck though!


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  • One of the main purposes of tampons is so you can go swimming.

  • You'll be fine, water stops it anyway. When i'm on mine I take like 3 showers and even baths a day to get mine to stop for a little and it even stops for a little after you get out of the water.

    • wow this question is 4 days old just realized that, sorry lol

    • No it's fine. Lol I'll use it for my future period. Lol

  • Wear a tampon. Water will not stop your period, it will only dilute the blood. A tampon will work fine.

    • Okay thanks!

    • This is true, it doesn't exactly stop it that's just a figure of speech or what some women think but it definitely makes a difference lol

    • @Girlslie yeah it does. Lol

  • I change mine 3-4 hours. I think you should use a tampon, plus when you get in the water and stuff you'll stop bleeding but tampons aren't that bad. Depending on how heavy your flow is, the tampon size but if you haven't used one get the smallest ones the store have and change it after like 2 hours.

    • I have some at home. So any kind would work?

    • Yeah pretty much, I hate the ones that come in the black box with the "U" they just slip out when you go swimming, for me personally. Try different kinds and you'll find your nitch. Try them before you go to the pool.

    • Okay thanks so much!!

  • I went to a waterpark before with my period on. The water makes the blood flow stop just like when you're in the tub. So it shouldn't hurt

    • But what about when I get out

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    • Lol yes I've dealt with this before

    • Okay thanks!