How to get BACK money from someone who owes you? Can I bring him to court for that?

He was a friend now he's just a piece of shit I can't stand... so I went out of my way to loan someone 150 because I'm such a f****** nice person now I need the money back because I got a ticket and the person dont want to give it back he's making up all sorts of excuse and all this b******* how am I supposed to get it back. He has a nice car should I punter all four tires?


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  • unless you have it written down on a legally binding document, he can just deny everything and you will loose the court case.
    Welcome to real life, never lend money to ANYONE!

    • Ur right... I learn my lesson

    • good.
      If a person need to loan money, it's bcause he's broke. And a broke person can't pay. Banks don't make money on good customers, they make money on broke people who can barely handle the interrest, and has to make long therm paydowns.

      TL:DR don't lend money to people, because those who need it can't pay back, and those who can pay back don't need the loan.


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  • Going to court for a "measly" 150 bucks is not worth it. It's possible but the trial will cost you several thousand dollars.
    Puntering his tires can get you into serious trouble too, so I'd advise not to do stupid things like that.
    All you can do is ask for it nicely, hope that he will return it and think twice next time your lend someone money.
    Sorry for your loss.

    • I'm not really going to go... I guess if I said I would to him it would be motivation to get it back.. I'm 20 and I have my own place and I good job... n b4 I gave it he keeps saying I'm gonna give it back on time and I can't here from him.

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    • He's family and mines are close... they just don't know we talk to each other so personal... his sister my best friend... I understand... but he has a job which I help him get...

    • First time this ever happen to me... normally I wouldn't do it.. but I had a soft heart at the moment...

  • "pay me back or im taking you to court" done

    • My next move is to sabotage is wedding which is in angust

  • You could try small claims court

  • I guess some small claims court, is he really what you say he is now?

    • Yes he is... I been trying to get it back since June 5 I lend it in may 23... and he know I do everything for myself and I should have listen to my girls and don't trust..

    • Thats why I dont loan out money. I would rather just give it to them as a gift because most can't pay it back and It becomes a problem

  • Oh it's something called a B. A. T
    or also known as
    Amount owed
    Through seconds

  • "Waaah, he doesn't want to give me back my toy should I break his toy instead?"

    That's what you sound like, immature. Be angry all you want, just realize that doing something like that will make him sue your ass instead and rightly so.

  • Small claims court, but, usually it costs more to go to court, then you'd wind up getting back. Wouldn't be worth it. You could try just asking the piece of shit for it back but, looks like you won't

    • I been asking I'm frustrated... next thing is to sabotage or blackmail is cheating ass

    • If you want to get yourself in to legal trouble, yeah, sure, do that

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  • don't touch his tires or this will take you to jail... i think you should keep on insisting and tell him B**** better have my money lol

    • Lol I keep playing that song... I will up to his wedding day... I might show up n make a scene

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    • I know is dirty ass secrets and his fiance don't have a clue

    • oooooooh 0.0!!! he better be prepared

  • How long has it been since you loaned him the money.. and dont fuck up his tires because you'll likely get caught and you'll have another ticket, or jail.

    • Since the 23 of May n I said I need it back by June 5 n he was saying ull get it back b4 that... I said it like fifty times even in text... acting like he's a fool

    • there's really no point in trying to take it to small claims court. It'll cost at LEAST a grand. Plus you have to have had a written agreement or he can call bullshit/:

    • True