If transgender is a mental disorder then why don't they treat it like any other disorder?

If transgender is really a mental disorder then why don't they treat it like any other disorder and fix the brain with proper medication to get it back to normal. This world is so corrupt. They rather see a man spend thousands to give himself the appearance of a woman than help him feel more confident in himself being a man. They allow people to live this way because it's good for news ratings and gossip shows.

I think just because you feel like something you shouldn't change into it. If all my life I felt like I was a chicken does that mean that I should grow up and change my body to be a chicken? No. Because no matter what I do on the outside on the inside I'll always be a young woman.

Bruce even said it himself, he's always been attracted to women and have never been attracted to a man but all of a sudden Caitlyn Jenner comes a long and he says he would go and see how he like dating men.

There are even children out who are diagnosed with gender identity disorder and there is still time to work them through it and figure out ways to help them with the disorder but instead they are told it's okay to be this way. Why is this?
If transgender is a mental disorder then why don't they just treat it like they would treat any other disorder?
Seems to me like they just don't Want to fix it.

Though I disagree with the transgender lesbian gay thing, in my religion we are taught to love. None of us are perfect and we all struggle with some things. and just because I disagree with their lifestyle doesn't mean I hate the people in the LGBT community just as they would disagree with me. We are all entitiled to our own opinion.

But what do you think? Why do they treat transgender so different? Is it because they don't want to fix it?

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  • I think transgenderism is comparable to Body Integrity Identity Disorder. There are people out there who are really, really convinced that they're supposed to be amputees. We don't treat them by lopping off the offending appendage and shaming everyone else into playing along. I think it's both disingenuous and unethical that we do this with those suffering from *this* condition.


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  • Transgender is NOT a mental disorder. That's what they said about homosexuality too for the past couple of centuries but it's not. Transgender people are born like that and it's natural thing that occurs. Just because you don't have the empathy to imagine what it feels like to be transgender doesn't mean being transgender is a mental disorder.
    Also, being transgender and sexual preferences have nothing, I repeat, NOTHING to do with each other. You can be transgender and be heterosexual or homosexual. Both works just fine. Your ignorance is rather hard to take.
    And yes, you are right that you are entitled to your opinion just like everyone else is but there's still a difference: your opinion is a stupid opinion. You know why? Because my opinion is based on fact. On science. Your opinion is based on faith. On religious bullshit. The religion that tells you that being gay or transgender is wrong is the same religion that claims there were talking snakes and burning bushes that can talk and people living to be 900 years old and people surviving in a whale's stomach for 3 days... if anyone has a neurological disorder, it's religious people.

    • All sorts of people are born with different types illnesses, just because they are born that way does that mean they shouldn't be treated? My opinion was more on the "why not get it treated" side more than the religious aspect but of course you had to go there because you needed to make an ignorant statement to make me not take any of your opinions seriously. How is your opinion based on fact when the facts say that it is diagnosed as a disorder as of now? You going against that fact makes your statement an opinion. Also I am very aware of sexual preferences and transgender are different. I was simply pointing out how Bruce said his sexual preference could change. Which proves my point to how this is actually a disorder that should be treated like one. Peoples sexual preference do not just switch whenever they please. Though he may not have chosen to have GID he did chose to switch his preference to something that he has never actually preferred. Which is not normal.


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    • years old and virgins can give birth and crap like hat?
      And as for this Bruce guy. Have you EVER thought about the fact that he could be gay but didn't notice it until now or couldn't tell you the truth because he was scared how you'd react? Or is that also too much thinking for you? OBVIOUSLY people don't just switch from straight to gay, but they REALIZE that what they did so far is not really what they really like. Ever wonder why you listened a type of music or you wore a style of clothes just because your friends did that? There are men in their 50s who are husbands and dads and suddenly they get this midlife crisis and realize "fuck, I have been with my wife for a long time but secretly I've always desired men, I just couldn't admit it to myself" A lot of people are also bisexual and so they actually can switch back and forth. You really should grow up a little.

    • I'd just like to ask how a man who "identifies" as a woman is any different from one who "identifies" as elvis presley.

  • Well good for you that your biological gender identity is that of a young female, but some people really do have an issue in their heads. No, there is nothing shameful about it, people are treated for OCD as hell, it's also an "issue in one's head". There can be errors in any complex system, and that includes the brain. And that includes the verification system for gender identity.

    ""why don't they treat it like any other disorder and fix the brain with proper medication to get it back to normal.""

    Because they don't know what's actually wrong. All they know is that giving the hormones that is produced by the sex that these people identify as tends to alleviate the severity of the symptoms.

    I voted A) because sex change is deceitful. It doesn't actually help the actual problem, and is far too extreme to be a "treatment". Kinda like if your arm is bleeding, you cut it off. Not a good way of handling the situation.

    Oh, and treating kids with "gender identity disorder" where they think that male kids liking dolls and female kids liking trains is a `symptom of error in development` and need to be forced into liking action figures and pink barbies, that stuff literally makes me angry.

    • I know that is actually an issue. What I was asking is why is it treated differently than others. I see your point that they don't actually know what's wrong and I that makes sense to me. Thanks for your opinion

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    • @Michellediva I agree. My "gender identity" is based on my physical sex. While I do realize that there are people for whom there's a perceived mismatch, I write that up as an unfortunate mental disorder. It's not a choice, it's a sickness, and it must be horrible! There's no real reason to shame people for being sick; we don't say that people with OCD are horrible people either. Considering sex hormones from the other sex seems to be what helps this issue, they may as well get it. But sex-reassignment-surgery is a complete rip-off and borderline inhumane.

    • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however medically it is not classified as a mental disorder and not treated as such.

  • who says that it's a mental disorder?

    • psychologists and physicians

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    • Look at the DSM-5 it is not listed as a mental disorder, get your facts straight.

    • that's what I said. the question asker suggested that it is

  • Giving transgender people medication and conversion therapy has been the historic way of treatment for almost all of the 20th century for trans folk. Despite treatment, for the majority of transgender patients, the feelings of not belonging to the right body and gender persisted.

    In short, your way was tried. It didn't work.

    One, the medications they used were ineffective because no one knows the causes of being transgender. We still don't. Drug companies will never create medicine for it even if the cause was known, because there a too few transgender people to buy the medication and get a return on investment. It is incredibly expensive to create medicine. Too few customers to buy it and you lose money.

    Two, gender identity is almost always an ingrained thing that can't be changed. You say you identify as a woman. What if I told you that you are wrong and are a man? What if all of society told you that day in and day out? What if you were pressured to going to therapy that droned on how you were male? Now imagine you have a penis and no breasts on top of that. Your mind was born with the expectation of a female body, so you feel out of your skin. Congrats. You now know what it is like to be a transwoman.

    The medical establishment noticed that trans people who went to therapy to accept their birth gender had very high suicide rates.

    Okay. Now what? You have a transgender patient. There is no medicine you can give them. All tried have failed. If you send them to conversion therapy, they are more likely to kill themselves.

    The only option left is to let them transition to the gender and body they identify as.

    As a transgender person, this has brought the best results for me. But I will be the first to admit that it is a band aid to a gushing wound for me. I suffer every day of my life to the point I wish I was never born.

    My life isn't sacred to me. Life is something to be endured until the sweet release of death.

    Transitioning has only made it bearable to the point that I don't kill myself.

    Society, especially Christians, always make me feel unwelcome. Or worse, open their doors to me and then talk behind my back. I become a test for their Christian goodwill instead of an actual human being with a sharp wit and sense of humor.

    Transgender people still commit suicide even after transitioning.

    Why? Because transgender people are among those who suffer the most, but are among those that get the least compassion.

  • Well, I think there is a compulsion and an unhealthy one. I do think it is a disorder, although it seems not to hurt anyone (except financially).

  • Even if it was a mental disorder, and I'm not going to debate that now, how would we cure it? Most delusional mental issues we have no cure for. We can control symptoms of SOME of them, but actual cure, no. Usually we just help them get along in society, get a job, shop etc. And in severe cases just pay their bills, and in violent or suicidal situations hospitalize. But most delusional people just get along as best they can. And from a mental health perspective if it's as easy as a guy wearing a dress then who cares?

  • They don't yet know if it's one.
    They don't yet know how to fix mental disorders (if it is one!) Until now they know a few tricks:
    If they're dangerous, lock 'em up.
    If they're not dangerous, learn them to live with it.

  • Well, if seen things that said they actually do have brains that are more like the gender they identify with than the one they have the body of. If that's true, it's not simply something that can be fixed, especially not with the conversion therapy type stuff or shoving pills down their throats.

  • Can't be fixed, it's fine to see it as not the correct order of things but there is nothing they or you can do to change it so just let them be who they feel they are.

    • Right, but another question is have they Tried to fix it and given it the proper medical attention instead of just saying oh well it can't be fixed. Also I am a strong believer in the "you can't force a person to fix something they don't want fixed" rule. So I agree if they feel they need to be that way then let them be, but for the young kids who are getting diagnosed with GID there should be proper treatments given.

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    • No you don't seem to understand, it is fixed and unchanging from when they are little. It can't be 'fixed' any more than you can be 'broken'. Gender isn't something that changes with therapy it is inherent to who you are at a fundamental level.

    • I see what you mean now

  • This is an ongoing and contentious debate in the field.

    'Disorder' isn't clearly defined.

    The questions being validly asked are 'which approach or course of treatment leaves individuals happier and better adjusted in the long run?'

  • Transgender is a mental disorder? Sorry it's actually my first time hearing about it like that

  • Jeez, you're one a those, huh?


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  • Yeah and they said being gay is a mental disorder. Its not hurting anyone and its not stopping them from being normal members of society honestly. Not really a big deal.

    People are making a fuss because they change their bodies and what not. They need to mind their bussiness and focus on more important shit like their own shit.

    • I agree it isn't hurting anyone but it is other people's business because what goes on in this world does affect our children and future children

    • The way people go on about it -- it really isn't. Its up to schools and parents to teach their children about these things. You have all kinds of asswholes and the media fucking shit up and putting things in ppl's heads

      Its only their bussiness because they aren't directly affecting us by dealing with their bodies and gender

  • Because most psychologists and psychiatrists agree that by giving transsexuals hormones and having them live as the gender they believe they should have been born as, they are treating them. What makes you think that by giving them hormones and such, isn't treating them? People deserve to be happy. There are a lot of transsexuals, especially young transsexuals that either think aboiut killing themselves, or they actually do commit suicide. They do this because people don't understand. There is also a lot of hate out there towards transsexuals and a lot of them end up being murdered. I know you wouldn't murder anyone, I'm just pointing out how difficult it can be for transsexuals. It's funny, you know, that people that are born with physical abnormalities such as being born retarded or with downs syndrome, you don't hear about those people being murdered. That's because some people believe being transsexual is a choice. Do you think that someone would actually choose to be targeted for murder? Transsexuals aren't hurting anyone and they aren't hurting themselves by living as the gender they feel they should be. They just want to live in society like anyone else. The ones you see on talk shows, they are only a minority of the transsexual population. There are many transsexuals that just blend in society and live like anyone else.

  • I don't agree with this or you.

  • I'm sorry, I couldn't read part 'they allow people to live this way' who are "they" and why do "they" get to dictate how others live? There are lots of conditions that people have which are not treatable. There are 'conditions' that people suffer from who don't want to get treatment. They are happier not being pumped full of drugs and fighting their natural desires and feelings.

    Just because someone says something is a condition doesn't mean that person is broken and needs fixing.

    • I'm talking about psychologists and physicians who are supposed to help with problems like these. and true there are many conditions that aren't treatable and I'm a strong believer in not helping someone with a problem that they don't want fix. but still was just wondering why it isn't treated the same.

    • Because it isn't the same. Also, psychologists and psychiatrists are guilty of following social pressure and fads. They can be wrong.

  • I don't get why everyone needs to label everything a disorder or change everything they don't understand, he's not hurting anyone, it doesn't change anything in your lives so the reason behind it doesn't even matter. Having a mental disorder doesn't define you as a person, you can still have great qualities and he should be allowed to live his life comfortably and happy because it's his to live. People need to stop being so damn intrusive and nosy.

  • transgender is not a mental disorder. if it not listed in the DSM then it's not considered a disorder

  • this is how it was seen in the "olden days" of previous DSMs. Homosexuality used to be a disorder that needed fixing. I think psychology is trying to move away from micromanaging people's sex lives and gender perceptions.