Why do atheists think they're opinions are golden?

They basically want to say that everything happened out of chance, but does that even explain how everything is even possible?

How do they think life, with DNA, and all its complexities appeared on earth and then began to evolve and helped each other out regardless of species (ecosystem)?

How do they think the universe spontaneously appeared out of nowhere when time didn't even exist and neither did matter (energy) and space (the Big Bang theory)?

There's only so many things you can apply chance and evolution to, and how can they even explain the fact that we can perceive such things and make theories like evolution based on our intelligence?

How can they even think anyone's opinion is right when they don't even believe in free will, and think that all of our actions and thoughts were started by some invisible physical force?

What evidence do they have that atheism is more plausible? Because I don't even think conceivable.


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  • Just ignore them, I'm tired of them bashing Christians


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  • But don't Christian believe the same things we do that's everything started from nothing. I believe it came from nothing complete chance. Christians believe it comes from someone who came from nothing by complete chance that god exists and has always existed (just like how matter exists and has always existed). So I don't think one person is really more crazy with this idea than another.
    DNA also I simply don't understand how someone could come up with all the biodiversity on the planet. And I don't understand why someone would make things like DNA of we all came from his image and from only 2 people then how do we have genetic or physical diversity wouldn't we all just be the same. That really doesn't make any sense.
    Also scientists and atheists dot know it all we admit that. But everyday those scientists try to figure it out and get closer. Where as Christians just go "a book said it and we're never going to research it or figure it out so it's fact" which doesn't make sense. They don't really work towards proving anything they say the bible says it so it's true and leave it at that which just seems weird. That's like saying something is true because you said it.

  • I actually believe atheism has now become almost a religion in itself. I do not believe in any type of Abrahamic religion, I don't believe in a supreme and omnipotent being or deities in any form but what I do believe is that we don't know. We don't know "God" doesn't exist. We don't know there isn't any form of afterlife or reincarnation so I find it a leap of faith to believe that there is absolutely categorically no God.

    • It's also a leap of faith for someone to believe that it's improbable without knowing why.

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    • With regards to the spiritual, is anyone else's experience relevant?

    • Yea, if there are certain practises that lead to results. But that's irrelevant to the discussion.

  • well it's more plausible than an all-seeing dude watching me 24/7

  • I'm impressed by your lack of understanding of science

  • Because we know the difference between their, they're and there.


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  • Because religions essentially "prove" their claims by pointing at their holy book - because that is the only thing that defines the religion. By that notion, any belief in the flying spaghetti monster versus the Christian deity is equally justified, and the validity of Pastafarianism is just a question of numbers.

    I don't really like identifying with "atheism", I prefer to just say I'm irreligious, but as a result, I don't believe in the Christian God (not exactly a fan of how he gives free will to everyone, but if people disobey him then he slaughters all of them by turning them into stone or drowning them in the sea; then with his all-forgiving purest form of love throws them into the hell-pit to suffer for all eternity), nor any other cultic deities, no matter how many people bother to believe in the same ideology system.

    With any delegation of responsibility to a creator/designer/deity/God, the most simple question that anyone asks is this, "if God created the universe, then who created God?" To which people tend to answer, "God always was, because he exists outside of time". So then, a sentient lifeform capable of creating a world as complex as this one came about by CHANCE? You doubt that the world could come to existence by chance, so how could God?

    I think belief in these religions is completely unreasonable. My personal set of beliefs is that humans are all STATE MACHINES ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finite-state_machine ), that store and process data; essentially detects input, matches it with data it had learned and memorized before, then reacts according to what it evaluates to be the most reasonable choice, decided upon in a reasonably efficient manner (not too quick, not too slow). The processor unit for this is the brain. Receptors are a means to detect signals to react to.


    If the brain is responsible for event processing and evaluating the "answer" to a particular "question", then that means without the functional brain, we are incapable of perception, we are not capable of having a consciousness, we are not "us". Phineas Gage had a steel beam crash through his neocortex, and his behavior became erratic.

    As such, it is safe to say that as our behavior and our beliefs and the way we react to stimuli is what defines us as who we are, it is our brain that is "us". There is NO PLACE for a soul. And therefore, there is no place for a "life after death".

    And with that, religion is unreasonable to believe in. Whatever would remain of you in "afterlife" would not be you.

    • Hah, nobody will read this, I can feel it in my gut

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    • That doesn't prove anything. Saying that because we find fossils that are similar to us and slightly different is the same as saying "I don't know, therefore evolution".

      So your logic is, because people dedicate their lives to something, that means it's valid...

    • No, I'm saying it's valid because it's based on scientific methods.

      Theology is not science.

  • "What evidence do they have that atheism is more plausible?"

    It's not so much that there is evidence disproving God, it's that there is no evidence proving God.

    • "it's that there is no evidence proving God". More than 90% of the population would disagree with you.

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    • If you claim there is definitely a God while pointing to a book even though the book isn't proof then that just makes you a close-minded delusional individual from an objective perspective.

    • You're so right.

  • I don't know what happened, nor do I have an understanding of the science behind it all. But evolution is quite the opposite of 'chance' as you put it.

  • Right I got you seems like this cuts both ways. There is no way that you can definitively know it didn't all happen by chance. Main difference with atheists and agnostics is they are completely OK with not knowing. Where as religious people act like there brains might explode if there was not some type of exp[anation for everything.

    • So when we find evidence for something, we should just say "nobody knows, and therefore anyone that claims to is somehow wrong"? Brilliant logic.

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    • The world is not an evidence of God. The world is evidence of the existence of the world. It shows nothing about where it came from, what created it, and what allows lifeforms to evolve and function as biological machines that are capable of reproduction.

    • the existence of the world does not prove GOOD. the fact that you believe that just proves your stupid good bye

  • You seem to have an unhealthy obsession with atheism. I've seen you ask multiple similar questions. I'm starting to think you're either a troll, or you simply have nothing better to do with your life.

    • It's fun. Sometimes I have full blown debates with atheists when I'm in the middle of a meeting. It's good exercise, because they pretty much embody pure ideological thinking and political attacks.

  • i wouldn't waste a second on an atheist. Their minds are broken.


  • I don't know. I'm guessing they can't put their mind around the fact that life after death can't be good.

    • Or that life after death is even a thing. I think humans and every lifeform exists only up to the point as long as they can perceive things and react. If the human brain stops working, you will essentially no longer "function".

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    • The brain is an adaptive learning system. Obviously human behavior isn't 100% imperatively defined. Humans have coded AIs (although mostly for algorithmic games like Chess) that are capable of learning new strategies based on previous input. We use memorizing things and we use these memories in our decision-making, so it's obvious that it's not as rigidly coded as you're trying to make it seem for whatever reason. Just because you don't learn it without exposure doesn't mean you don't have a genetic predisposition; CATS need to learn how to do cats that you believe to be "innate" behavior to every cat from other cats.

    • I don't agree with and have similar beliefs to any "man-made religion". But I do believe a higher entity exist.

  • What evidence do you have that your religion (most likely Christianity, based on your country among things) is more plausible?

    As you're the one making the claim that a god exist you're the one who has the burden of proof not I as atheism is the default belief. For example, if I claim that you're a criminal you would ask me to prove it not the guy saying that you're not a criminal as not being a criminal is the default state.

  • They don't they just think your opinion stinks and explanation stinks ;)

    • They don't just think that... They believe that, they fight to believe that.

    • As do most religious followers ;)
      Fighting for ones beliefs is just a human trait not an atheists

  • you said it in your text... Evolution.. DNA is just strings of chemicals

  • All opinions are golden. Some are just made of pyrite is all.

  • you don't make sense.

    who says atheists don't believe in free will? lolol... fool.

  • Atheism does not say everything happened by chance. I assume you're talking about Evolution and the big bang? Atheism and the big bang and evolution are not related. The big bang also does not say the universe came from nowhere.

    Atheists simply don't believe in God. There is no proof for Atheism, because it's the default position. Can you prove that the magical teapot orbiting Mars does NOT exist?

    You clearly don't even know what you're talking about. Please do some more research before you try to argue about something that you don't understand.

    You are clearly not interested in debate, as you only seem to personally attack people who disagree with you. I'm not going to argue with people who can only insult. You've already lost, kid. You seem to have an unhealthy obsession with hating Atheists. How un-Christian of you, hypocrite.

    • Not to mention you also block anyone disagreeing with you, further reinforcing the fact that you don't want a debate, you want a circlejerk. Pathetic.

    • Wow, you write nothing but personal attacks and denials and then call me a hypocrite. You're an idiot.

  • I knew it was you again.