Who does the Brazilian soccer team have a tendency of throwing tantrums every time they lose?

I don't even watch any games but the results are always posted on yahoo. That's the point of a game, you try your best and you either win/draw or you lose. I know they want to be competitive but part of it is learning how to lose. From the looks of it, they Brazilian team acts arrogant too.

-First, they threw a fit way back in the 1950 World Cup (Brazil and Uruguay match) and many people got all depressed or even suicidal.

-Then, again in the 2014 World Cup they got all arrogant and when they lost by a lot.. they are all crying.

-And just recently on the America Cup hours ago (match with Colombia), after they lost a fight broke out starting with Neymar throwing a football at an opponent. He obviously got the red card.

It makes sense that it's not just them that what to win, every other team want to win too. But they've been known to get all arrogant thinking they're the only best and then if it's a lost, they get all pissed off... making a scene.


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  • There was a Brazilian goalkeeper who was decapitated by the home crowd when his team lost a few years back.

    Connect the dots.

    • Damn, that's extreme. I find it pathetic that they would go crazy all for just a game. In the end it's just a game.


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  • Because they wish they could be playing real football with good ol' pig skin!

  • A lot of teams and countries throw hissy fits when they are beaten.

    • But I think the Brazilian team exaggerates the most. If even the 1950 game was enough for certain people to go suicidal that tells me a lot how they are dramatic.

  • Egos I suppose they're just very nationalistic in that sense.

  • Brazilians are really passionate about futbol. They can't stand to lose.

    • I get they love the game so much and have 5 World Cup titles but I think they overreact. The game will continue for years more to come and there is always a next time. Not every single team that losses throws a tantrum like that.

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