How to leave a bad work and really evil boss behind?

Well I work in a place thatcan get stressful at times. Now at the end of each year this boss comes out with work evaluations that I can describe as completely biased and random. While other managers came with mostly positive
feedback, she always highlights neggative tings like incidents. It was kind of expected but I just believe she is Evil. She is judging people even when she doesn'thave appropriate experience in teaching.


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  • My advice to you is to start quietly looking for other jobs. Go to interviews and when you get something give your 2 weeks notice or what ever you have to give and then leave. Don't leave without another job in place if you can help it.


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  • Check around for other work - You need to get out that negative environment for your own stress levels

  • have you ever thought of confronting her? you are an employee after all and your manager owes you respect, and so much more. If she's giving you a hard time over things related to performance, that speaks worse about her than it does about yourself. She'll only do well if you do well... and if she doesn't see it that way, you're just wasting your time there I think.

    • I know I am wasting my time:( you're right.

      She's a snake, capable of malice, literally. I know if I confront her she will go to higher managers and say things that don't exist.

    • Fastest way to get out of that situation is getting out of there... otherwise you'll have to outsmart her, be the first one to denounce her abuse... but then again if you're not into that, you might indeed be wasting your time. I know it's not easy, but you should try to find a different job away from that person, where you feel more welcomed and nurtured.

    • Thank you for your good advice.


  • Criticism is good. It helps you improve.

    • When the criticizer is a transparent person like my sub managers. Otherwise, it's destructive

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  • They say find a job that would make you feel like you don't have to work everyday because you're doing what you love doing. While it is true that criticisms are good, if you aren't happy and at the end of the day the job you're doing consumes every positive vibes and energy you have I think it's time to pack your things and move out of that place. If you're not growing anymore, leave. But before that make sure you already found another job.

  • Give two weeks notice?

  • Are you leaving it behind now, forEVER?

    • Unfortunately no. I will come back after vacation.

    • Meh, you should try to find a different job and quit this one, because you're just torturing yourself