Do you await when people will try and beat you for getting life/standard knowledge?

given this is the common temperament, should i be on guard?


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  • I do what I do, I have empathy but what has to be done has to be done, I walk my own path and don't cower down because someone's going to come across with the most common natural human nature :)

    You keep bothering about people's nature, you're going to ruin your life :)

    • that doesn't make sense, and i doubt it's honest, but ok.

    • Why doesn't it make sense or that it's honest? If I meant to be dishonest I'd have gone anon :D

    • You want examples of me treading my own path? Check my opinions here - you'll realize I don't care about what people say or think, I stick to what I think is right and correct. If someone else proves me wrong, I accept - as simple as that


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  • not really lol.

    • lolol... so you say my point is nonsense. ok, well you're lucky this isn't in person, or you will be in a pile of blood now.

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  • No I just do my own thing