How to write a Secret Admirer's Note to your Crush?

I've had a crush on my classmate for more than two years now.
Never had the courage to step up nor the need, he was always around in class, looking from afar or just talking to him was enough.
Now we're going our separate ways. I just want to tell him how I feel without telling him who I'm.
I'm not looking forward to a reply or anything. I just want to do this for me to have a closure and move on.
So How can I write a note :D
I know I should just write about my feelings and that should be easy. but really... it's not. and I've never written a love letter before. I don't even know the basics :P
Help you guys?


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  • Tell him everything that you like about him. Make a list


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  • You don't write it, you type it, and then you creepily put it somewhere they are doomed to receive it so they can wet their bed at night.

    • OMG xDDD you made my day !
      I wish I could do that ! I'd be awesome !

  • Sounds easy but just write what is in your heart - Maybe search net for a quote, line from a poem, song lyric and build letter around that


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  • Just tell him how you feel! :)